PS2 FHDB Softmod

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 - FHDB v1.966 (2019-01-14)
 - OPL_1515_DB_TA_all
 - OPL_1319_ifcaro_beta_all
 - wLE 4.43a-41e4ebe (Built-in FMCB)

 - initial release

My package includes:

The FHDB image is packed with 7zip, unpacked it´s 2688 MB (2.818.572.288 Bytes)

The HDD was formatted with WinHiip and partition were created with standard settings as follow…


The HDD image include the following APPS:

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For users who begins with an empty iHDD, just flash it with HDDRawCopy tool.

For users who want to keep their games / other partitions like __.POPS, please check first with wLE´s HDDManager if the partitions

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have the total size of 2688 MB. If not you lose your first own game / other partition

Or if you haven´t all the above partitions, but the total size is 2688 MB, then you can do it too, without to lose the first game / own partition.

Just flash the image with HDDRawCopy tool, then with WinHiip start the “Scan/Repair PS2 Drive” in options menu.